College brings gospel to PNG prison

College brings gospel to PNG prison

by | 03 Aug 2018

The Nazarene College of Nursing in Papua New Guinea conducted a mission trip in June to Barawaghi Prison to minister to inmates.

This trip included a time of praise and worship, followed by a sermon from Andrew Omote. Eighteen inmates raised their hands in response to a request for prayer. Out of the 18, eight were new Christians and receive discipleship through Prison Ministries. 

Omote expressed a desire to spread the gospel to places outside of the traditional church.

“It is very important to visit the prison and witness to needy souls,” he said. “We thank the [Nazarene College of Nursing] principal and administration for their funding and the transport they provided. It is a team effort.”

Since 1972 the Church of the Nazarene has trained nurses at the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea. Becoming known as the Nazarene College of Nursing in 2002, NCON’s mission is to train young men and women to help meet the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of people who come to the college. While NCON focuses on training nurses, they view their calling to be more holistic. They provide an international discipleship program for students, as well as numerous ministry opportunities. The prison ministry is an expression of this call to ministry.

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific



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