Cyclone Idai brings devastation to Southeast Africa

Cyclone Idai brings devastation to Southeast Africa

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
| 21 Mar 2019
Idai destruction

Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall 15 March in Mozambique, leaving a trail of destruction that spread to neighboring Malawi and Zimbabwe and impacting millions of people. UN officials have said that this is likely the worst weather-related disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere.

More than 370 people have died, with many more still missing across the three countries. Over 400,000 people are estimated to now be homeless. Vast areas of land remain flooded as relief workers race against the clock to provide aid and rescue. Floodwaters will continue to rise in the next few days, as rain is expected to continue to fall into Thursday. The cyclone's impact will be felt for months or even years to come, as many farmers living in the affected areas have lost their source of income due to the floodwaters.

The Church of the Nazarene has almost 2,000 churches in Mozambique. Most churches located in the impact area are completely destroyed, and some remain under water. Based on initial estimates, almost 9,000 Nazarenes lost their homes or livelihoods. Undamaged churches are preparing to provide food and emergency items for distribution to those in need.

In the southern part of Malawi, the government has set up over 180 temporary shelters for more than 30,000 displaced residents. The Nazarene church in Malawi is preparing to respond as well. Outreach is beginning to those who are housed in emergency shelters, focusing on water, food, sanitation, and hygiene supplies. Two Nazarene churches are serving as shelters, while seven other Nazarene churches were destroyed by the floods.

The Church of the Nazarene is continuing to assess the storm damage in Zimbabwe in order to develop a coordinated response to the needs in that country.

How to help


Please pray for those facing the devastation left by the storms and the ensuing floods. Pray for those who have lost loved ones and homes. Pray for those who are most vulnerable during and after the storm, especially senior adults, individuals with disabilities, and people living in poverty. Pray for the swift delivery of the supplies and care they need, and pray for the months of recovery ahead. Pray for our local leaders and church members in Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique who are responding to the needs around them. To send a prayer or note of encouragement, go to


Churches and individuals around the world can provide support through the Cyclone Idai Relief Fund. Donations will be used for immediate needs, such as water and food, as well as long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts.

To send donations by mail:

In the U.S., make checks payable to "General Treasurer" and send them to: 

Global Treasury Services
Church of the Nazarene
P.O. Box 843116
Kansas City, MO 64184-3116

Be sure to put 133322 in the Memo area.

In Canada, make checks payable to "Church of the Nazarene Canada" and send them to:

Church of the Nazarene Canada
3657 Ponytrail Drive, Mississauga, ON | L4X 1W5

Be sure to put 133322 in the Memo area.

For any other country, give through your local church or district, designating your gift to Cyclone Idai Relief Fund.



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