Families strengthened in El Salvador through family care ministry

Families strengthened in El Salvador through family care ministry

by | 04 Oct 2019

Irene and Miguel Garita, family care coordinators for the Mesoamerica Region, visited the El Salvador Central District last month to work with families and groups of women and men.

Roughly 150 women from the Daughters of the King ministry heard Irene Garita speak about living in a society without values. In addition, they heard about the value of their lives.

“The women came out joyful and lively, speaking about how God had ministered to them,” said Delia Ayala, director of the Daughters of the King ministry in the Central District.

The men also had a special time with Miguel Garita, who shared topics related to the position of the man in society.

"Many men were broken and have been able to receive guidance on how to be priests in their home," Ayala said.

In addition, the Garitas met with the superintendent of the central district, Julián Cruz, and the superintendent of the eastern district, Ulises Solís, and other area leaders to discuss the challenges facing the leadership.

The leaders of the Madre Tierra Church of the Nazarene, including Sunday School teachers, ministry presidents, and the local board, also had time with the couple to talk about the challenges facing the leadership and how to work as a team.

The Garitas concluded their time on the district with a combined family service called "The threats that the family has today."

“We send greetings and our gratitude to the Garitas,” Ayala said. “We pray that in the future we may enjoy God’s blessings by having them with us sharing their knowledge.”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region



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