Peru NYI leadership summit inspires present, future of the church in Peru

Peru NYI leadership summit inspires present, future of the church in Peru

South America Region Church of the Nazarene
| 25 Aug 2023

In 2023, Peru established a significant milestone in the leadership of NYI. The first National Leadership Summit occurred, "Flight 28:19," from 29 June to 1 July in Chiclayo. A Maximum Mission project and the district camps followed the summit. 

The summit, led by national coordinators Krystal Ayala and Sergio Jaramillo, was held to train and strengthen the NYI councils of the 16 districts and provide the necessary tools to promote the ministry of Jesus Christ among the new generations.

The youth came away challenged, motivated, and committed to doing youth work more intentionally. Many young people expressed a call to the ministry, especially to the pastoral field.
“We believe that we have reached the objective of the summit, and the next stage is to involve more young people in the different ministerial areas of the church,” Jaramillo said.

Matthew 28:19 was the basis for the focus of this summit. The summit brought together 287 leaders and 20 volunteers from various districts of Peru along with the organizing team and speakers.

“These days were marked by blessings and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, laying the foundation for future generations of NYI leaders tailored to the needs of their local congregations,” Jaramillo said. 

The event featured national speakers such as David Balcázar, Oscar Medina, Sergio Jaramillo, Roger Vásquez, Krystal Ayala, Priscilla Febres, Ana Vilchez, and Linet Ramírez. International speakers such as Jimmy de Gouveia, José Luis Becerra, and Astrid Mayta, also participated. In addition, the conference welcomed Global NYI Director David Gonzales and newly elected General Superintendent Christian Sarmiento, who was on his last visit to Peru as regional director. The sessions were inspiring and challenging, leaving a lasting mark on the participants.

Following the summit, young people participated in community service projects through the Maximum Missions initiative. They had cleanup days in some city sectors, evangelism through sports, and a medical day. 

Days later, more than 3,000 young people gathered to hold camps in each district, where speakers preached on consecration, discipleship, and missions.

"We thank God; we praise His name for the commitment of our thousands of young people in Peru who have committed themselves to win over their generation," Jaramillo said. "Our greatest challenge is to be able to care for and involve the new generation in our church's local and district life because they are the present and future of our church in Peru."

--Church of the Nazarene South America



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