Please look through our Frequently Asked Questions below. If your can't find an answer to your question or need assistance, contact your district office or reach out to the Stewardship Office at 1-800-544-8413 or stewardship@nazarene.org.


Help Documents for Local Church Users for Funding the Mission:


  • How to Give

  • How to Report Income

  • How to Update Bank Information

  • How to Give a Point to Point Request

  • How to Request a User Account

  • Nazarene Account Password


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Help Documents for District Users for Funding the Mission:


  • Batch Data Entry

  • Deactivate User

  • Edit District Fund Goal

  • Reset User Login

  • Setup District Fund Goal

  • Custom Link for District Giving

  • How to Edit your District Fund Remittance address


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+ How do I change the email linked to my Nazarene account for the Funding the Mission website?

To change your email address, contact Stewardship Development at stewardship@nazarene.org and give us your old email address and the new one you would like to use. Stewardship Development will make the change for you.

+ My password doesn't work anymore. How do I reset my password?

Each Funding the Mission user can change their password by clicking on the words “Forgot Login” on the login page and follow the instructions. Remember, if you change your password for your Nazarene Account it will change the password for all access points that your Nazarene Account is connected to. See the help documents for step by step instructions.

+ I'm trying to log in to FundingtheMission.org, but it won't let me. What should I do?

First, make sure you are typing in your email and correct password.  If you still cannot login, try resetting your password. If you are still not able to enter the website, you can email Stewardship Development at stewardship@nazarene.org for help

+ I was told that I would receive an email inviting me to use FundingtheMission.org,

but it hasn't come.

Check in your email provider’s junk or spam folder to see if the email was redirected there. If you still have not received it, you can contact Stewardship Development at stewardship@nazarene.org for help

+ I've got a new person working in our church office. How do I make sure he or she has access to FundingtheMission.org?

To establish your Nazarene account for access to the Funding the Mission website, email your district office or Stewardship Development at stewardship@nazarene.org with your first and last name, personal email address that only you have access to, cell phone number for dual authentication, and the church and district where you are serving.



+ What is my church's income?

The most simple and common definition of your church’s income is a charitable contribution to your church. Whether designated or not designated, if the gift is charitable, it is usually considered to be church income.  See this link for guidelines on what is and what is not considered church income.

Click here for the Definition of Income & Examples

+ How do you calculate my church's World Evangelism Fund, Pensions & Benefits,

and Education goals?


The funding plan is “tithe-like” in that it is based on the local church’s current fiscal year income. As your church sends in mission gifts, whether a WEF gift or a mission project gift, those gifts are subtracted from your church’s income and the goals are recalculated. There is never any giving goal calculated on any gift that your church gives towards Nazarene missions.

+ What is the mission Ten (formally Ten Percent) goal?


This goal challenges each church to give at least 10% of its church income to Nazarene mission projects which includes monies given to the WEF and any other mission special project.

+ What's a Point-to-point request, and how do I submit one?


A point to point request form is how a local church reports a gift that was given directly to a Nazarene mission project instead of sending the gift to the General Treasurer.  Point to point forms are filled out on the website Funding the Mission. If approved, the point to point request adds to a church’s mission project giving totals and helps a church reach the Mission Ten goal.

+ Can my church give online?


Yes, each church can give through the www.fundingthemission.org site and is the most cost-effective way to give towards a local church’s giving goals.

+ How do I report our church's income? 

A church can report its income on the Funding the Mission website and the site will help calculate your church’s giving goals.  Reporting income on the site helps a church stay on track with their giving goals.



+ Our District would like to offer online giving to our churches to give to the district, can the

Funding the Mission site accommodate our district in this way? 

Yes, each district can enter a URL address on the Funding the Mission website to direct their churches to the place where a church can give towards their district goal. See the Resources page help documents for instructions on how to enter this URL.

+ How do I input district giving data from the local churches into the site?

The Funding the Mission website allows for districts to enter giving that they received from churches through the data batch entry system.  See the Resources page help documents for instructions on how to enter data via the batch entry system.

+ How do I edit district giving data from local churches?

Each district can edit or delete what they enter into the website for local churches to view.  See the Resources page help documents for instructions on how edit batch data on the website.

+ Where can I find the district giving reports?

District reports are available by clicking on the icon “reports” on the top navigation bar.



+ Our church's transaction was processed incorrectly. How do we change it?

Each church can request changes to gifts that have been received by the General Treasurer by going to the “Contributions” page, locating the gift record in question and clicking on the word, “Details” and filling out a change request form for the gift.

+ Why does my World Evangelism Fund goal and other giving goals keep changing?

The funding plan is based on the current year church’s income that is received by each church. As the income changes, the goals will change as that income is reported.

+ I reported the wrong church income. How do I change or correct the wrong numbers?

If you reported the wrong income number, a church can enter another income and reset the total.  The old/incorrect income update number will remain on the site for your reference. This procedure will reset your income to the correct number

+ How do I save a bank account or credit card to use for giving online?

Each user can save their churches banking account or credit card on the website by clicking on the dollar sign icon on the website.  Once the information is saved, it is protected and is only seen by the individual user who entered it.

FTM login image
FTM login image

The Funding the Mission tool allows the local church to record income, track progress toward allocation goals, and make itemized online contributions. Not signed up yet? Contact your district office or email stewardship@nazarene.org.