Generation Revival 2023 makes impact in Venezuela

Generation Revival 2023 makes impact in Venezuela

South America Region Church of the Nazarene
| 09 Jun 2023
Meso Rally

More than 70 young people attended the 2023 Generation Revival, held 19 April, thanks to the support of the Tierra de Gracia Church of the Nazarene. The event was titled Raising the Altar, had music led by Nikao Band, and Nixon Arteaga shared the Word of God

The young people in attendance studied the book of Ezra beforehand. At each station, teams of youth carried out different activities according to the book of Ezra. In addition, they organized a sports competition.

Once the sports activity was over and each youth team had carried out their activities, they were invited to listen to a message titled How is your Altar?, referring to the state of their hearts. It ended with joy and enthusiasm as songs of adoration and prayers were also raised for the youth by pastors and leaders. 

Those who attended attested to the impact the event had on them, telling of their enjoyment of competition through sports and the ability to reach out into the community. 

One of the attendees, Jeison Silva, said he enjoyed being with his brothers in Christ and found joy in seeing so many people come to Christ through the event.

“It was an evangelistic movement,” Silva said. “Despite the fact that many see the recreational activity, it was also with a mission and a purpose because we saw that many people are attending Church, and I know that that the event is going to bear fruit."

While the attendees came with different expectations, their experience changed their mindset. Many vowed to keep themselves in the same mindset of evangelism and outreach and to continue to live out the Great Commission. 

--Church of the Nazarene South America 



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