SENDAS, Southwest Latin America District reaches education agreement

SENDAS, Southwest Latin America District reaches education agreement

Seminario Nazareno de las Americas
| 06 Aug 2020

After several conversations with Southwest Latin American District leaders, Seminario Nazareno de las Americas signed an agreement to strengthen theological education for the leaders of their congregations. 

“It is my hope that the churches in this district can continue to grow and that each day we can form more quality leaders to transform the Hispanic communities of the United States,” said Andrés Fernández, undergraduate studies coordinator for SENDAS. “I am very happy to be able to be part of this new agreement that joins many other Nazarene districts in the United States that have decided to trust SENDAS to carry out the theological formation of their pastors and leaders.”

Through this agreement, all pastors who have already completed or are completing their district courses for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene will be able to continue their education through SENDAS to earn a Bachelor of Theology with emphasis on pastoral ministry.

The first courses started in March 2020. To date, two classes have been successfully completed with 12 to 15 students.

“I believe that the once-a-week classes through videoconference centers has turned out to be quite a rewarding experience for students, not only for their learning, but also for the experience of fellowship, unity, and mutual cooperation between them,” said Juan Lelli, director of the district’s Ministerial Studies Center. “I know that we are forming a new generation of leaders who are going to need a new vision and new ideas for our district, and this agreement is definitely turning out to be very positive.”

Southwest Latin America District Superintendent Benjamín López is also pleased with the program.

“We thank God for the opportunity to receive the bachelor’s program in our district and thank our students for the effort they make to carry out their academic preparation through the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas,” he said. “I have heard good comments from students who greatly appreciate the quality of instruction they are receiving. In fact, teachers have demonstrated a good quality of teaching, professionalism, and vast knowledge in the subjects they teach. We see this agreement as very favorable to train our students, who are workers in the kingdom of God, called to serve effectively in today’s society.”

--Seminario Nazareno de las Americas


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