Minnesota Nazarenes make impact in Amazon communities

Minnesota Nazarenes make impact in Amazon communities

Nazarene News Staff
| 21 Mar 2024
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In March, a team of 13 people from Faithbrook Church of the Nazarene in Dayton, Minnesota, USA, embarked on a transformative missionary journey to the Distrito Amazônia do Brasil. This trip, led by Steven Flynn, was marked by visits to local churches, riverside communities, and indigenous tribes and a special project to refurbish the boat "Jesus the Hope II."

The purpose of this mission was multifaceted: to provide spiritual support, carry out community services, and strengthen cultural ties. The team, driven by a spirit of generosity and availability, sought to leave a lasting positive impact on the communities visited.

The team participated in church services and activities, offering encouragement. There were also leisure activities for children and adults. Becky Foy, a member of the Nazarene Missions Team, said that the activities with children were "touching."

"One of the most touching moments was witnessing children — despite the language barrier — immersing themselves in craft projects rooted in the gospel's teachings," Foy said. "Seeing them proudly wearing their creations to church was heart-melting."

In addition, the boat "Jesus the Hope II" underwent a significant refurbishment, ensuring that it would continue to be a vital means of transportation and service for the Amazon region.

Damasio Morais, Distrito Amazônia do Brasil superintendent, said it was a blessing to welcome the Faithbrook NMT to their district.

"The team came as an answer to our prayers, as our boat was in need of maintenance and we couldn't afford it," Morais said. "We praise God for the way the team worked to maintain the boat despite the scorching Amazon heat and for the generosity shown to our district.”

The March missions trip testified to the power of faith in action. The team returned to Minnesota with inspiring stories and a renewed sense of purpose, ready to continue their work of serving others with compassion and dedication.

"These moments reaffirmed why we embarked on this journey," Foy said. "The connections made with fellow humans — locals and fellow travelers— left an indelible mark on my soul. Their warmth and kindness made every challenge worth it."

--Church of the Nazarene South America



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