Camp Garner Creek recognized as historical landmark

Camp Garner Creek recognized as historical landmark

Daniel Sperry for Nazarene News
| 07 Jul 2023
Camp Garner Creek

During the 30th General Assembly and Conventions of the Church of the Nazarene, six resolutions were adopted recognizing various locations as historical landmarks in accordance with Manual paragraph 913. This article is the third article in a series highlighting the significance of these six new historic landmarks of the Church of the Nazarene.

On 15 June 2023, Camp Garner Creek was designated as a historical landmark of the Church of the Nazarene after the adoption of Special Resolution 755 during the Thursday morning business session of the 30th General Assembly and Conventions.
Located in Dickson, Tennessee, USA, Camp Garner Creek was designated as a historical site by the MidSouth District during their 2022 District Assembly, a prerequisite to becoming a historical landmark. 

Camp Garner Creek was founded in 1972 with its first services offered in 1974. Camp meetings have played a vital role in the history of the Church of the Nazarene, and Camp Garner Creek’s annual family camp is one way in which that tradition continues. 

The resolution reads:

The addition of Camp Garner Creek to the Nazarene registry of historic sites will preserve its story and substantiate its place in the long and distinguished history of holiness camp meetings in Tennessee led by our Pre-Nazarene forebearers such as J.O. McClurkan and John T. Benson, Sr. and the Holiness camp meetings held throughout the history of the Tennessee District since 1912, many at Ruskin Cave near the site of Camp Garner Creek.

General Superintendent Emeritus Talmadge Johnson led the camp while serving as the superintendent of the Tennessee District (now MidSouth), and the largest residential building on the campgrounds is named after him.
The list of influential Nazarenes who have spoken and presented there over the years include general superintendents emeriti Nina Gunter and William Greathouse, Edward Lawlor, Stephen Neese, and current General Superintendent David Busic.

Harvey Hendershot, Robert Mitchell, and George Pitzer helped found Camp Garner Creek, along with laypeople Leon Guill and Bruce Oldham from Gallatin Church of the Nazarene in Tennessee, when they walked the grounds together and felt God leading them to the camp’s location.
“Their work, sacrifice, and service along with so many other pastors and laypeople in those early years laid a spiritual foundation for the district and its ministry to many that is still blessed by God,” the resolution reads.

Hendershot, Mitchell, and Pitzer all have buildings or roads named after them on the campgrounds.
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