Oregon Work & Witness team serves Philippines community

Oregon Work & Witness team serves Philippines community

Asia-Pacific Region Church of the Nazarene
| 09 Jun 2023
Work & Witness-Bicol

The Bicol District welcomed the first Work & Witness team post-COVID-19 to serve its district and the community in Bicol, Philippines. On 16 April, 13 members from the Grace Point Church of the Nazarene in Albany, Oregon, traveled to Legazpi City to partner with the district on a project to build a new district parsonage.

Each day, the team worked alongside Filipino brothers and sisters in Christ, plastering the walls, painting the rooms, tiling the kitchen and toilet, and other construction tasks. For nine of the team members, this was their first W&W trip.

Despite the difficulty of the work, the team was excited because they knew that District Superintendent Feleo and his family would have a safe and dry place to live when the work was finished. The team was blessed with smiles, hospitality, and stories of the Lord’s faithfulness from this family.

In addition to the parsonage project, the team was able to minister to children throughout the district. The team organized puppet shows and provided crafts, food, and a bag of goodies for the kids to take home. The team members’ hearts were touched seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they sang songs, decorated their crafts, or played a game with them. The group prayed that the Lord would touch many lives and hearts through these ministries!

The team traveled for a few hours to meet with a Nazarene Youth International zone group. There was passionate worship, and Pastor Brent trained on creative ways to share Bible stories through simple skits and fun games. They also had a great time of fellowship.

“I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing experience,” said team member Core Limerick. “So happy to have this time with all the beautiful people who have welcomed us with open arms.” 

The team also ministered to the Bicol District pastors and spouses during an event in Legazpi City. Their lead pastor, Brent Wylie, led a pastor training, and team member Tina Hering shared about backyard gardening. Hering provided soil and seeds for the attendees to take home.

After the workshop, a time of sharing was included that became a favorite for many of the team members. They were so blessed that the Bicol pastors and spouses were willing to share their hearts.

“The hospitality and appreciation we received were amazing,” said Anna Hernandez, another attendee. “Some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. I’m thankful I got to go and for all the new things I learned.”

The team’s time in the Bicol District showed them how God works in His Church worldwide and that all are indeed brothers and sisters in Christ. The team prayed that God would continue to bless His Church in the Philippines.



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