Dominican Republic church holds Christmas dinner for underserved community

Dominican Republic church holds Christmas dinner for underserved community

Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica
| 14 Jan 2022
Dominican Dinner

The Iglesia del Nazareno San Miguel in Santo Domingo Oeste, Dominican Republic, organized a collective dinner in the community of Villa Verde, where the church was able to feed almost 700 people, including children and their parents.

"There were so many people that we didn't even have enough chairs and tables for them to eat comfortably," said Newton Ramírez, who pastors the church. "Our idea was to be able to share a Christmas dinner with all of them, and incidentally, to be able to share the message of salvation, through our words but also with this Christmas celebration."

This dinner was held in mid-December, in this vulnerable community with limited resources. This event is part of a larger building project that allows the church to carry out similar events in better conditions. 

"We want to build a building, and, in turn, create a foundation called Unidos Venceremos (United we'll win)," Ramírez said. 

The residents of Villa Verde thanked the church and shared the impact the dinner had on them.

“I want to testify that celebrating this dinner has been a great blessing for me, for my family, and for every inhabitant of Villa Verde,” said Vinicio Valdés. “Thanks to God and Pastor Newton and also to the church for  [all the] help.” 

A young attendee shared his gratitude as well.

“I am Carlos*, and I live in Villa Verde. I am a 7-year-old boy and I feel very happy when they come to feed us and Iove go to all the activities. Thank God I was able to enjoy a Christmas dinner.”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica

*Name shortened for privacy



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