Trevecca, NTS partner to offer accelerated pathway to Doctor of Ministry Degree

Trevecca, NTS partner to offer accelerated pathway to Doctor of Ministry Degree

Trevecca Nazarene University
| 27 Oct 2022

Trevecca Nazarene University and Nazarene Theological Seminary are partnering to offer Trevecca master’s students the opportunity to move into the Doctor of Ministry degree at the seminary through an accelerated pathway.

The eligible degrees for Trevecca graduate students include the Master of Arts programs in theology and biblical studies; church and community; and African American worship studies. With one of these Trevecca degrees, the doctoral program at Nazarene Theological Seminary is shortened by six credit hours, allowing students to complete both degrees in approximately five years. 

The degree is primarily geared toward individuals who are working professionals in ministry and are looking to further their education. They will be prepared to deepen their knowledge in the area of vocational ministry with coursework focusing on pastoral ministry, leadership and spiritual formation as well as opportunities for research. The degree is also helpful for those who are considering teaching. 

“My hope is that this opportunity opens a new world to Trevecca graduate students,” said Tim Gaines, director of the M.A. in theology and biblical studies program at Trevecca. “I hope they realize the world of theology is enlivening and helpful to their ministries and that this partnership expands their capacity to engage in ministry more effectively and more joyfully.”  

The new pathway is a unique opportunity in religious education, thanks to an exclusive partnership between the two schools. The new option is available to Trevecca graduate students as of this fall. 

--Trevecca Nazarene University




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