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Refugee finds safety, strength in Nazarene church

Rania* was just a teenager when her mom, a well-known TV journalist, died protecting Rania and her three sisters at their home in Palestinian territory near the Israel border. In 2007, a militant group moved into their neighborhood and used the civilian properties as bases for firing missiles into
22 May 2019
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Refugee seeks asylum in Croatia, finds faith

Taylor* fled from his home country to Croatia when someone tried to kill him for helping some Americans. He applied for asylum on three separate occasions, but he was rejected each time because there was not enough evidence to corroborate his story. While he continued to apply, Taylor began taking
08 Feb 2019
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The God who promises peace

For more than a year, Ahmed made a daily pilgrimage to the muted calm of Zagreb Cathedral. Beneath the soaring stone pillars and colored light filtering through stained glass, Ahmed would take a seat in a polished wooden pew and spend hours pouring out his heart’s desire to God. What Ahmed wanted,
10 Aug 2018
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Nazarenes care for displaced children through Christmas Project

For children who have been displaced by conflict, the list of lost things can be long: home, consistent education, friends, stability, and sometimes even family members. Add to that other factors such as hunger, sickness, and isolation, and it’s clear that children caught in conflict are truly
06 Oct 2017
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Young couple escapes persecution, finds home in Croatia

Even though Mahdi* was young, experiencing persecution for his faith was nothing new to him. He and Amira* had just married. Although from different countries in the Middle East, they shared a common faith in Christ. Mahdi and Amira lived and ministered in her home country of Syria in an area that
05 Jul 2017
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A greater need: Nazarene volunteers serve refugees in Greece, Serbia, Croatia

Photo by Jon Morton The controversial EU-Turkey Deal of March 2016 resulted in expansive EU-nation border closures to tens of thousands of refugees across Europe. In the months before March 23, Courage for the Journey, a ministry of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries on the Central Europe Field, was
12 Oct 2016
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Nazarenes design 'Hub' for community, creativity in Croatia

In a country where being in a community is part of the culture, Nazarenes wanted to provide a place where people could develop holistically in a spiritual community. Missionaries Dave and Betsy Scott provided the impetus. With friends, volunteer missionaries, and local partners, they opened The Hub
10 Aug 2016
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Ministry of presence: Church continues refugee response in Balkans

Photos by Brandon Sipes As the war in Syria continues to destroy cities and as conditions in refugee camps in Jordan , Lebanon, and Turkey worsen, scores of refugees continue to make their way toward Europe. Just this year more than 135,000 refugees and migrants have traveled from Turkey to Europe
31 Mar 2016
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Refugee response team issues urgent call for help buying shoes

While 12 tons of clothing has been donated and distributed to the thousands of migrants passing through Red Cross transit camps, travelers at the borders of Macedonia, Croatia, and Serbia desperately need shoes. After walking hundreds of miles through the frozen January mud of the Balkans and with
20 Jan 2016
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Trevecca students answer God’s call to serve refugees

Over the course of a few days this fall, Kathy Mowry sat in her office and listened as a steady stream of visitors — staff members, students — dropped by her office with an innocuous question : Do you have a minute? Some came alone; others came as couples or families. Some cried or whispered; others
11 Nov 2015
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Orquesta Infantil

Ecuador children's orchestra highlighted in…

18 Jun 2021
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Ericka Esteban

Guatemala woman competing in 2021 paralympics

17 Jun 2021
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Germany Flag Flying

Flags of the Nations: Germany

14 Jun 2021
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APNTS Graduation

APNTS holds 36th commencement ceremony

11 Jun 2021
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