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Serving with the Church of the Nazarene

Taking the leap to become a missionary can be overwhelming and even intimidating.

Beginning with the very first step you take toward serving as a Nazarene missionary, our team helps you create a development plan and guides you to a cross-cultural ministry that utilizes your unique skills and calling.

Once serving, you join a team of hundreds of passionate missionaries, each of whom is supported by Nazarene churches around the world. Join the team and say "yes" to God’s call to go where the church is not yet.

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"We were encouraged to be ourselves..."

When we first started working with Global Missions, we faced a lot of self-doubt. We were not quite sure we were ready to be missionaries. In the process to become Nazarene missionaries, we were encouraged to be ourselves, and not to do what we thought would be “right” or “expected,” but to respond authentically to the challenges. The Global Mission staff encouraged us, prayed for us, and remained in contact with us. -Stephanie M.


"The GM Staff made us feel very comfortable with the process."

The Global Missions staff and all of the information passed along made us feel very comfortable with the process and eased our concern that we would be ready to land in the field. The professionalism, care, and personal concern we received came through clearly as we prepared for our assignment. The preparation, information, attention to detail, and anticipating possible needs especially impressed us. -Carl W.

Take the First Step

People all across the world continue to search for hope, and yet their communities are without a beacon. Entire cities are bustling with busyness but have no one proclaiming the message of holiness. Families continue to suffer under the oppression of idols and false gods without a trusted friend to show the way of Jesus.

Sharing the message of hope begins with one step, a step of obedience and faithfulness that says yes to God’s call. Take your first step and start your journey toward serving in missions today.