2018-2019 Adult NMI Missions Books

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Africa, O Africa by Louise Robinson Chapman, Edited by Chuck and Doris Gailey 

A story of incredible resilience and passionate faith in a country not her own, Louise Robinson Chapman’s Africa, O Africa is a reminder that God calls and sends people who are willing to say ‘Yes’ to His will. This updated edition, by Chuck and Doris Gailey, retired missionaries to Africa, brings the reader the voice of Dr. Chapman, and picks up the story since the book was first released in 1945. 

Where a Yes Can Take You by Ramón Sierra and Juan Vázquez Pla 

The stories of four Puerto Rican couples whose lives were impacted by missionaries who first came to their shores. See how God chose to use the faithful ‘Yes’ to extend influence through these families in countries far from the little island of Puerto Rico: to South and Central America, and beyond to the streets of major cities in the United States. 

Maps Beyond Geography by Stéphane Tibi 

Maps are about more than finding your way through geographical obstacles and terrains. StudyMaps is a new way of looking at both faith and scripture, and of engaging and strengthening the memory to prompt us to evangelism, discipleship, and maturity. 

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