Kosovo Church Plant

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Giving Code:  133211
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Kosova
Cost(USD$):  2,200

Kosovo has been an established country for only ten years and has struggled significantly to develop economically. They experienced war in 1999 and largely credit the United States with helping to end this war. The first Nazarene missionaries came to Kosovo and worked with the rebuilding effort after the war, and then helped to start the first Church of the Nazarene in Kosovo. This Nazarene church remains the only known protestant community in the town and people all over Kosovo still need to see the love of Christ through a fellowship of believers. There are currently two Nazarene churches in the country and a strong desire among these believers to reach more people with the good news of Jesus. In this country, the majority of people don’t know about Jesus, in many towns no significant Christian presence exists.   

The missionary couple who have served in this country for seven years feel a call to start a new work with the aid of church members in a community 25 minutes from the site. Members of the mother church have committed to volunteer 16 hours weekly. A proven strategy is in process to reach the community with highly desired English language classes. This provides an opportunity to build relationships with the people and invite them to explore “the meaning of life.” In a series of talks and discussions, the basics of the Christian faith will be introduced.

Seed money is needed to help get the work started with materials to furnish the space for English classes and eventually a worship space. Needed items include tables, chairs, whiteboard, television, curtains, shelving unit, heaters, bulletin board, as well as other items for English class such as pencils and whiteboard markers. The approximate cost is $2,200.

Funding received in excess of the initial requested amount will be applied to this church plant to address greatest needs.


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