Pastors invited to join well-being study


Nazarene pastors and associate pastors across the USA/Canada Region will have the opportunity to participate in the Flourishing in Ministry Study on Monday, 22 October. Funded by Lilly Endowment, the project is the largest and most in-depth study on clergy well-being to date and is coordinated by Matt Bloom of the University of Notre Dame and a team of researchers including Chris Adams — a Nazarene elder and nationally-recognized leader in the field.

“The Flourishing in Ministry Study provides a unique opportunity to Nazarene clergy, beyond contributing insights that will help us better prepare and support them,” said Dan Copp, Global Clergy Development director. “Each participant will receive a personalized, confidential report on their own well-being. This feedback can help pastors identify areas where some adjustment can strengthen their capacity for a healthier life and effective, long-term ministry.” 

The study explores well-being in several categories as a way of measuring the degree to which a minister is thriving in ministry. Participants will also have the option to continue improving their own well-being after the study through an app being developed by the Flourishing in Ministry Study. 

“This is an important study for us,” said Bob Broadbooks, USA/Canada regional director. “It is no secret that a minister’s overall well-being is crucial, not only for them but also for their families and for the congregations they serve.”

Participant responses will be collected and processed by the Flourishing in Ministry team at the University of Notre Dame, and individual responses will be kept strictly anonymous. Nazarene Research Services will assist Global Clergy Development and the USA/Canada Region leadership in discerning how the results of the study can help improve the preparation and support of Nazarene clergy. A report will be presented at the upcoming M19 Conference.

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