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Members of the Lincoln Park Ministerial Association presented each local police and fire official with a prayer coin. (News-Herald photo)

Nazarenes in the News is a compilation of online news articles featuring Nazarene churches or church members. 

Washington church finds 'fit' for attendees with disabilities

Leavenworth, Washington

(Resourceful magazine, Fall 2016) “My mind is a hundred places at once,” says Pastor Becky Goodman as she describes her typical Sunday to-do list. “But I look over, and the Amigos are there. Just present. Totally focused on exactly where God is taking them in their hearts.”

Their perspective changes hers in an instant. Pastor Becky can hardly imagine the church without the Amigos, although finding a fit for them takes intentional effort.

“Everybody needs to fit somewhere,” she affirms.

They’re a joyful group of men—“brothers of the heart” who each have Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities. She met several of their friends last year when she visited the glad class, a community Bible study they attend at an adult family home nearby.

Glad stands for Growing, Loving, And Doing. It’s not just the name of the class, but also a description of how the Amigos have found their place at Leavenworth Church of the Nazarene in Leavenworth, Washington.

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Michigan church joins in giving prayer coins to police, firefighters

Lincoln Park, Michigan

(News-Herald, November 25) The Lincoln Park Ministerial Association met with Lincoln Park fire and police officials just before Thanksgiving.

During the meeting, the group of religious leaders gave each member of both departments a prayer coin, and asked them to carry the coins with them while they are on duty.

“(We) inform(ed) both departments that the Lincoln Park churches are praying for their safety,” association member Russell Bone said. Bone retired from being a full time minister in 2014. He still attends the Lincoln Park Church of Christ.

The members of the association include Bone and Pastors Pat Bossio and John Peck of Bethel Assembly of God, Debbie and John Stottele of Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene, Gary Schippling of Blessed Hope Church and Rick Jewitt and Doug Wells of Lincoln Park Church of Christ.

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