Ethnic Leadership Development Initiative begins second cohort

Lenexa, Kansas

Front row, left to right: Daniel Carrillo, Rhonda Carrim, Errol Carrim, Keren Ferris
Second row: Gabriela Rodriguez, Fredy Oscal, Roberto Hodgson, Robert Ferris
Third row: Ronglan Huang, Steven Marjerison, JoiettaAsiata, Christopher Pheng, Jeremy Parquet
Fourth row: Belot Antoine, Katie Donaldson, Daniel Moreno, Brenton Peters
Fifth row: Tholes Bocicot, Roger Asiata, Terry Faletoi

The USA/Canada Region Multicultural Ministries Office launched the second Ethnic Leadership Development Initiative 16-18 May. The purpose of the initiative is to coach, mentor, and cultivate the next generation of young leaders from different ethnic groups within the region in a two-year program. 

Sixteen ministers accepted the invitation to participate in this cohort. USA/Canada and global leaders presented devotionals and were introduced to the group.  

The ethnic facilitators assisted in the selection process of these young leaders from their own people groups to represent their ethnicity or ministries. Selection criteria included:

  • Being active in ministry and serving in a local church;
  • Having a ministerial education background;
  • Being a potential candidate for membership on the Strategic Readiness Team;
  • Being willing to be cultivated by a coaching system for two years;
  • Having a mentor during the two-year program.

Errol and Rhonda Carrim facilitate the institute and will coach the group through personal contact, webinars, a blog, and book and article readings. A mentoring structure will be established during the program and a mentor will be assigned to each ELDI member.  

--USA/Canada Multicultural Ministries

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