District, church mourn loss of Florida pastor

Jacksonville, Florida

Abishai McDonald, 34, lead pastor of Jacksonville, Florida, New Dimensions Church of the Nazarene, passed away June 7.

McDonald’s legs were paralyzed in September 2015 due to a sudden blood clot on his spine. He fought courageously through rehab and physical therapy, but an infection in his blood and bones began to affect his internal organs. Hospice care began in May.

Jacksonville is on the Florida District, led by superintendent Larry Dennis.

“God has truly sustained Abishai and his wife in these days,” Dennis said. “Brittany says, ‘Are we sad? Absolutely. Are we grieving? Very deeply. But we also are resting in the peace and understanding that in all things and in all ways, our God is in control.’

“His congregation has modeled Christlike compassion throughout his illness.”

Funeral services will be held in Colorado.

Prayer is requested for Brittany, Shia (age 6). and Aniya (4) in these days, and as they relocate to be near family. Please also pray for the New Dimensions church in this difficult transition time.

--Florida District

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