SEA: Nazarene Youth Development

SEA: Nazarene Youth Development

SEA: Nazarene Youth Development

Giving Code: 136467
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 70,500


Can’t. Impossible. There’s no way.

The Nazarene youth of Southeast Asia often look at their context and say these words. After all, in their world, the older one is, the more respect is given. They belong to a field consisting of 5 nations (including 2 Creative Access Areas), 100+ languages, 100+ unreached people groups, 50+ years of wars, genocides, communism and military coups . . . and only about 1% of the population is Christian. The voice of the youth is muted.

The vision of this project is to train and disciple the young Southeast Asian leaders and emerging leaders through accountability, empowerment, involvement, and pioneering.

This project is focused on doing that by creating platforms for ongoing discipleship. When you give to support Nazarene youth ministry in the Southeast Asia field, you are building those platforms. They range from meetings to mission trips, camps to coffee, workshops to worship, but all of them seek to create opportunities for young leaders and means to reach pre-believers.

Some of the specific elements supported by this leadership development project include:

- Monthly Field Council Meetings: $200/year (5 years)
- FYC yearly visit to each SEA District: $4,000/year (5 years)
- Yearly District NYI Camps: $500/district/year (8 districts, 5 years)
- NYC SEA (a Field- wide NYI camp): $10,000 
- NYI District Training: $200/district/year (8 districts, 5 years)
- NYI Regional Training: $500/year 
- NYI District Mission Trips: $500/district (8 districts)
- Establish an NYI in a specific Creative Access Area: $1,000/year

We know that God is able to use young leaders to accomplish greatness for His glory. Click “donate now” not to invest in the church of tomorrow, but to invest in the church of today!

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