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Papua New Guinea nurses plant churches using JESUS film

Nazarene nurses in Papua New Guinea have helped carry the gospel to rural areas through the JESUS film, helping end the conflict between two warring tribes in the process.
01 Apr 2021
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Haiti leaders plan church expansion using the JESUS film

The Gospel has been shared across Haiti over the past year through JESUS Film Harvest Partners , and the local leaders plan to use the current momentum to continue expanding their reach. The Church of the Nazarene has 63 church planters from Haiti’s 12 Nazarene districts, and they plan to organize
31 Jul 2019
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Amazon District evangelism team reaches isolated communities through boat ministry

Amazon District Superintendent Jean Norgueira led a boating evangelism team on their first trip of the year down the Baixo River in Brazil to reach the distant and isolated indigenous communities. All evangelism team members are from the church in Manaus, which is situated between the indigenous
01 Jul 2019
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Guatemala Maximum Mission volunteers finish church construction, minister to community

More than 100 Nazarene Youth International members from the Central Church of the Nazarene in San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala, participated in a Maximum Mission event 17-19 April. They served in the nearby village of Xaliha, where they worked with children, cleaned local school facilities, and finished
02 May 2019
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Cuban JESUS Film team member offers glimpse of daily life

For JESUS Film team members in Havana, Cuba, showing the JESUS film is much more than pushing play on a projector. Teams physically and spiritually prepare for the ministry of evangelizing, discipling, and planting churches, from before sunrise to beyond sundown. Here is a snapshot into the energy
12 Dec 2018
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Airport security officer prays over JESUS Film projection system

Upon arriving at the airport in Ghana, I found my bag and one of the JESUS Film equipment duffel bags. I put them on the conveyor belt. As I picked them up on the other side, an officer approached and asked what I had in the duffel. I explained, “This is a projector system that has been donated to
12 Jan 2018
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JESUS Film Harvest Partners officially turns 20

In this 1997 photo, World Mission Director Louie Bustle (left) and Jesus Film Project Director Paul Eshleman (right) sign a partnership agreement. JESUS Film Harvest Partners continued its 20th anniversary celebration this week by marking its official creation date. Twenty years ago, 29 August 1997,
01 Sep 2017
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JFHP seeks development associate/event coordinator

JESUS Film Harvest Partners currently has an opening for a full-time development associate/event coordinator. This position will work with the Development Department in cultivating and maintaining relationships with donors through regular communication. Primary tasks include the planning, execution
10 Aug 2017
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JFHP seeks receptionist/data entry clerk

JESUS Film Harvest Partners currently has an opening for a full-time receptionist/data entry clerk. This position will facilitate the daily operations of the administrative director and the development department. Primary tasks include reception duties, data management, and regular communication
17 Jul 2017
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JFHP resources Spanish speakers to share Jesus

JESUS Film Harvest Partners hosted a workshop Saturday to further resource Spanish speakers as they share Jesus. Assistant Field Services Coordinator Daniel Herrera demonstrated an easy way to evangelize through the EvangeCube, which unfolds to share the gospel through pictures. The tool provides
25 Jun 2017
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DS Kaulo

Gabriel Kaulo passes away

06 May 2021
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Moving Min

Moving Ministers: April 2021

04 May 2021
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Reynolds Memorial Hospital

Nazarene churches in India serve in…

03 May 2021
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Bags of Blessings

Nazarenes in the News: April 2021

30 Apr 2021
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