“The same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him.” Romans 10:12b


A life-changing story has to be shared. We can’t keep the gospel to ourselves, waiting for others to spread the hope we enjoy. For over 75 years Nazarenes around the world have given to the Easter Offering for the World Evangelism Fund so that the story of God’s Greatest Gift can be shared around the world.

To give a personal gift, use the Give page. For more information on planning your church’s offering, visit the Resources and Stories pages.

Each time you give to the World Evangelism Fund, the message reaches further, through schools, church plants, mission hospitals, and more. When we join our gifts and prayers together, God uses our humble offerings, and new voices call on the Lord of All.

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Previous Offerings:

2015 Thank Offering
2015 Easter Offering
2014 Thank Offering
2014 Easter Offering
2013 Thank Offering
2013 Easter Offering
2012 Easter Offering


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