Seung-Yub and Ye-Ji Jang

Seung-Yub and Ye-Ji Jang
Seung-Yub and Ye-Ji Jang
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We are Seung-Yub Jang and Ye-Ji Kim (children Jueon and Jubin).
Our family was sent to Cambodia in August 2018 as missionaries. Currently, the language learning continues and is in the process of preparing for ministry.
Right now, there are two Churches of the Nazarene in Phnom Penh. Our family wants to continue to meet people, evangelize, and establish ten churches in Phnom Penh through discipleship training.

Prayer requests:
1. May Cambodia be a country that believes in and serves God.
2. Pray for God's will to be done in Cambodia through our home.
3. Pray that we as husband and wife will be strong in providing spiritual and physical education and give us the gift of language so that we can carry out the work entrusted to us.
4. Pray for our young children to be healthy and adapt well to the field so that they may grow up as children of God.

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