SEA: School of Promise Church Planting Initiative

SEA: School of Promise Church Planting Initiative

SEA: School of Promise Church Planting Initiative

Giving Code: 136264
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 37,386


Life in Thailand presents many risks for children, especially children in poverty. Human trafficking and forced prostitution are tragic realities. God’s love and forgiveness are largely unknown. Only six people out of a thousand know the love of Jesus. The School of Promise started with the goal to break the cycle of poverty and oppression by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing excellent education to children and families in Hang Dong, Thailand.

The School of Promise began in 2010, and by 2021 the school has grown to 130 students in ten classrooms. Each classroom is led by a Christian Thai national teacher using a Bible-integrated curriculum.

The foremost goal of each teacher in each classroom is to share the truth and love of Christ with each student. The next goal is to disciple students who have come to faith. Every subject taught is seen as equipping students for service in Christ’s Kingdom.

Promise Church was started by school staff members as a preaching point in October 2020 with the goal of becoming a full church of the Nazarene in 2021. All students are invited to become a part of this new congregation. Of course, all 130 students, and others in coming years, are being raised up as the leaders of families and communities of the future, wherever they may go. We pray will make disciples who make disciples!

Every school planted by the Hope in the Promise Foundation serves as a foundation for preaching points for children with the goal that those preaching points will be organized into local Churches of the Nazarene. These schools aim to move children and families toward church congregations. All students are discipled and equipped to start new preaching points and churches wherever they go.

A three-year goal includes building a new middle school and high school campus and planting a new, formal church in that location. This is an area where less than 1% of people have a relationship with Jesus.

A five-year goal includes planting a new elementary school in the Lamphun province, not far from the School of Promise. A new, formal Nazarene church would be planted in this location as well.

There are many ways to join in supporting this exciting work in Thailand! Click “donate now” to support the building, infrastructure, scholarships and salaries necessary to support and expand the educational and evangelical work of the School of Promise.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer teacher, check the current opportunities for K-12 education in the Asia-Pacific region listed at


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