SEA: English Scholarships for Southeast Asia

SEA: English Scholarships for Southeast Asia

SEA: English Scholarships for Southeast Asia

Giving Code: 124617
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 4,000


English Scholarships are needed for our Nazarene students across Southeast Asia. Several of our districts reach out to impoverished youth and assist in their education (There are several homes and dorms in various countries.) The Field sees a need for English lessons to develop the youth and local leaders who have potential to continue their studies and serve in translation ministries. Until now, when materials need to be translated for the course of study, or when teachers need to be interpreted for the classes, we either depend on the missionaries who are not native speakers, or we must hire translators from sister denominations. After all of our investment in various educational programs for our youth we see we seek to develop a core group of well educated Nazarene translators for our various countries. Who benefits? The youth who are developed, learning English is a big asset. The teachers in the community as they are given work and that helps locally. The districts who will be able to call on their own resources for translation of materials in the future. The Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College, who will have better quality translators from our country, as we better train our own translators. The local leaders and ministerial students who will have better quality translations to assist them in their studies. What difference is it making in the lives of the recipients and the church? Better developed/educated Nazarene youth. Better trained leaders. Secure access to higher education. Grow stronger in church community.

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