South Asia-Finishing Ministry Center Buildings

South Asia-Finishing Ministry Center Buildings

South Asia-Finishing Ministry Center Buildings

Giving Code: 133950
Region: Eurasia
Area: Eurasia
COST (USD$): 420,000


The buildings were started but not finished. Now the need is urgent. The Church of the Nazarene in Bangladesh recently celebrated 26 years of being a holiness force in the country where less than 1% know Christ. In this short time, it grew to five districts and more than 4000 churches and Church Type Missions (CTMs). Along the years there have been several buildings whose construction was initiated by Work and Witness teams but never finished. There is an urgent need to finish these buildings to serve the purpose for which they were designed - to be used as local church fellowships, Child Development Centers, women’s self-help groups, pastoral education training locations, district meetings, JESUS Film sites and more. With each passing day a ministry center sits unfinished, it is a detriment to the Kingdom and an embarrassment to the local church. -In Bangladesh, five unfinished buildings need to be completed at an average cost of $75,000 per site for a total need of $375,000. The injection of Work and Witness (W&W) teams would be a great help and encouragement. - In Sri Lanka there are two sites needing $45,000 for completion. At this time, W&W team participation is not advisable. Project Reporter: Each District Superintendent will be responsible for reporting. Promotion Plan: South Asia Partnership will promote these needs via newsletters, personal contacts, and annual gatherings.

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