SEA: Chapman International College-School Endowment

SEA: Chapman International College-School Endowment

SEA: Chapman International College-School Endowment

Giving Code: 128321
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 10,000


A story is told of a dying King 200 years ago who asked a missionary to come and try to convert him. He wanted to make sure he was not missing anything. After a week of listening the King laughed at the missionary. “No one will ever believe that story! You can tell it anywhere!” For almost 200 years that has been true. Today, Southeast Asians are one of the world’s most unreached peoples, living without the hope of Christ. 
Despite this enormous challenge, God is moving in Southeast Asia. In the last 4 years, Chapman International College, formerly known as Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College, has grown from 150 students to 640 students who are hearing and know the hope in Christ.These students are taught at every educational level and are being equipped and transformed as ministers of the Gospel to reach Southeast Asia. 
You can help to reach Southeast Asia by investing in endowment funds to enable CIC to track student progress, train local teachers, schedule classes in over 20 learning centers, establish new learning centers and contextualize curriculum for local languages and cultures.
Please, invest in these Southeast Asian leaders. When you do you will be impacting their lives and all those they will minister to for years to come. As we obey Christ's calling, people will hear the good news. 

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