ANZ: NTC (Australia/New Zealand) CALD Funding

ANZ: NTC (Australia/New Zealand) CALD Funding

ANZ: NTC (Australia/New Zealand) CALD Funding

Giving Code: 133044
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 150,000


Many countries around the Asia-Pacific region do not have access to high-quality, affordable, accredited theological training. Nazarene Theological College is committed to meeting this need, as part of our mission, through a program known as CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse)—pronounced “called”. This program allows us to offer our highly accredited and internationally recognized bachelor’s degrees outside of Australia and New Zealand to countries around the Asia-Pacific region for a fraction of the cost.

This significant reduction in fees is the only way that most of these students will ever be able to complete their studies and move into full-time ministry. NTC is committed to this program, which is already running in Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea. However, we will not be able to expand into other areas and continue equipping men and women for service without your help. Please partner with us in supporting this important work. Your contribution will have a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God. 

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