Asia-Pacific: Maximum Mission Mongolia 2023

Asia-Pacific: Maximum Mission Mongolia 2023

Asia-Pacific: Maximum Mission Mongolia 2023

Giving Code: 136293
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 5,000


Maximum Missions:
Maximum Missions is an opportunity to mobilize people who wish to develop their gifts and talents by participating in short-term, cross-cultural ministry. It helps participants confirm their calls to missions,  build cultural awareness, and grow as servant leaders.

Mongolia Project:
The Church of the Nazarene is growing in Mongolia, and there are many opportunities to reach out to the children and youth in local communities! 

This Maximum Missions project will combine a team of people from across the Asia-Pacific region with local Mongolian Nazarenes to facilitate two English camps for young people aged 10-15 years old. While we hope this might happen in August 2022, it is likely to be delayed until 2023 because of pandemic restrictions.

Leaders estimate 50-70 youth will participate in each camp, one for youth from Ulaanbaatar and the other for youth from Darkhan. The churches will encourage their youth to invite friends who need to hear the good news.

The English camps will be a great opportunity for the campers to make new friends, enjoy different activities, practice speaking in English, and learn about Jesus.

We pray that through these camps, many young people will place their faith in Jesus and become His messengers of the good news to their friends and family. We also anticipate a response and commitment to God’s call in the lives of the team members, both visiting and locally, to continue in the work in His Kingdom wherever He leads.

By giving to this project, you will help to cover the expenses of the camp itself not covered by the minimal registration fee. If there are additional funds raised, they will help off-set the amount each team member needs to raise. The Maximum Missions team will include team members from several different nations who will each raise their own funding for airfare and accommodations.

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