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Trino and Anna
Trino and Anna
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Oct 01, 2022 - Nov 15, 2022 | United States

Trino and Anna serve as missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene in Eurasia Region, assigned to CIS; Armenia. Trino serves as Armenia District Superintendent as well as Pastor of the Yerevan Church of the Nazarene. Trino serves also as regional Child Development coordinator.  Anna on the other hand coordinates NCM in Armenia focusing her attention to Child Development Ministries as well as economic development activities among needy families in communities served by the church. Anna is also part of a team of church planters going to new communities planting the Church of the Nazarene. She also helps with the mission and district finances.  

They are also serve as South Asia Field Strategy Coordinators where they help to facilitate and support the development of the church and its ministries in four countries; Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.  The church of the Nazarene in South Asia is a very vibrant, visionary and growing church. God have been doing incredible miracles in the lives of thousands of people including children. The region also faces many challenges, especially with Islam and other religious groups that sometimes put lots of pressure and stress in the work the church does.  The south Asia field leaders recently gather in Katmandu Nepal to “dream and think the unthinkable” in regards the huge missional task the field has to reach millions of people for Christ in the next five years. God is opening incredible doors of opportunity for the Nazarenes in South Asia. Field leaders are also dreaming to help the Church of the Nazarene to enter several new countries.

Ongoing prayer for Trino and Anna as well as for the pastors and leaders in Armenia and South Asia are appreciated.

God has been using each circumstance and experience in life to prepare us for the next step in our ministry.

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