Jay and Teanna Sunberg

Jay and Teanna Sunberg
Jay and Teanna Sunberg
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We witness brokenness every day across Central Europe.  To humans sold for sex, sold for labor, sold for organs, to the Roma (Gypsies), to victims of prejudice, illiteracy & poverty, to the lonely, God cries, ‘On this day, in this place, amdist this people, MY Kingdom is coming.

We do see God’s kingdom breaking through in 11 countries where Believers dare to claim that strongholds crumble in the presence of a mighty God. 

Our Church is strategically planted; in Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland  to be a theological, social, and geographical grassroots arm of rescue and restoration.

Jay & Teanna serve as the Field Strategy Coordinator team for Central Europe. Together with +20 missionaries & volunteers, we are your sent hands, your sent feet, and your sent heart. In each country, brave national pastors and lay people throw open the doors of the kingdom daily.

This is Central Europe - average, ordinary people doing great things for God because He has called and He has empowered us. 

We labor for a paradoxical kingdom that is not fully here, yet, already here. We live by faith.

And you? Will you experience the kingdom in Central Europe with us?

With grateful hearts ~ Jay, Teanna, Lexi, Sophia, Lydia, & Jenna

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