Randy and Joani Goossens

Randy and Joani Goossens
Randy and Joani Goossens
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Jul 01, 2022 - Aug 11, 2022 | United States

Greetings in the strong name of Jesus,

Our family has the privilege of serving the Lord through the Nazarene Church in the Asia Pacific Region.  Over the last decade this journey has taken us from Highlands of Papua New Guinea to the middle of the South Pacific in Fiji.  The adventure continues as we transition to a new assignment in the Philippines.

Joani is the Field Financial Coordinator for the Melanesia South Pacific field.  This involves facilitating the finances of missionaries and field ministries as well as overseeing the finances of Nazarene educational institutions.  An important piece of this work is training ministry leadership in biblical stewardship and accountability in dealing with church funds and donations.  Her new assignment will add working with regional leadership to streamline financial management and reporting throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Randy is working with discipleship, church growth and development, coming alongside local leadership to help promote healthy church organization and expansion.  With a background in Architectural design and project management, Randy hopes to bring a helpful outside perspective to the challenges faced by young developing churches.  He is also the Assistant Jesus Film coordinator for the Asia Pacific region. The role being to bring international resources to local evangelistic teams working to reach those who want to have a relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Our Gaggle of Goossens also includes three teenagers who have thrived in the adventure of growing up overseas. Emma is focused on completing high school with her eyes toward going to University.  She has a strong interest in helping others and enjoys singing and playing guitar and ukulele. Her bubbly personality makes her a joy to be around.  Lexi is a focused and dedicated student, with a desire to excel in all she puts her mind to.  She enjoys music, drama and sports, and is a deeply thoughtful girl with strong convictions. Ethan is an energetic young man that loves soccer.  His kind and considerate personality makes him a lot of fun to be around.  He loves animals, especially cats, and is fascinated by lemurs, having had a personal encounter with one at an Australian zoo.

We both grew up primarily in Washington State, USA. Joani attended Eastern Nazarene College for one year and graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Accounting. Randy completed studies in Architectural design and drafting and then went on to work for an aerospace manufacturing company for 13 years as a designer and project manager. 

We were both raised in Christian families and Joani is blessed with a heritage that includes a passion for Missions. Randy and Joani began their involvement in Missions through Work & Witness; first to Brazil and then to Fiji. Prior to becoming full time missionaries, the Goossens family was involved in local mission of sorts through Foster Care with Youth for Christ for almost 4 years. 

In 2010 we sensed God calling us to something new and through a series of amazing God-incidences we set off to serve in Papua New Guinea as Mission Corps volunteers. During our first 2 years in PNG God called us to step into longer term Missionary service with the Church of the Nazarene.  This path led us to be commissioned as Global Missionaries in 2016.

We are blessed by the Love and support we receive from our Church family in this amazing journey God has called us to.

- The Gaggle of Goossens (Randy, Joani, Emma, Lexi and Ethan)

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