Brandino & Carolyne Bestre

Brandino & Carolyne Bestre
Brandino & Carolyne Bestre
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Brandino and Carolyne Bestre are from Baguio City, Philippines, and are missionaries to Papua New Guinea, where Brandino will be assisting the Field Strategy Coordinator for the Melanesia South Pacific Field and Carol will serve as the Education Ministry Coordinator.

They both earned their master’s degree at the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in 1989 and pastored Nazarene churches in the Metro Manila District from 1988 to 1999.  Moving back to their home place in Baguio City, they helped Pines City Nazarene Christian Fellowship in its inception years and have maintained their membership in this fellowship.

Brandino completed his Doctor of Ministry at the Asia-United Theological University (former Asian Center for Theological Studies and Missions) in South Korea in 2002, while Carol did her Ph.D. in Christian Education at the Hoseo University in South Korea in 2006.  Apart from those trainings, Brandino and Carol are licensed Civil Engineer and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine respectively. 

The Bestres served as education administrators and faculty members of theological colleges and seminaries with government recognized programs through the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines from 2000 to 2021.

The couple is blessed with three sons:  Nathaniel Brian, Jonathan Carlo, and Gabriel Nichol.  

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