Work & Witness Steps

Tasks to be completed prior to departure.

  • 1

    Receive Team Registration from the Field

    4-12 months

    Once the above have been agreed upon, the W&W Site Coordinator will send you a link to register your team online.

    You will be sent a registration confirmation upon successful registration.

  • 2

    Send Project Funds

    3 months

    Send project funds through Global Treasury Services (GTS) 3 months before the project begins. (Important, so the funds will get to the field on time for materials and preparation of the construction)

  • 3

    Register for Insurance

    1 month

    Every team going on a Work and Witness Trip will need to register for insurance prior to their departure date. A link to purchase this insurance will be sent to the Team Leader through the initial invitation to fill out and purchase electronically.

  • Trip

    ~ Go and have a great time serving God.

     ~ Return and share your experience with your family and church.

Team Coordinator Resources

Use this Complete Team Coordinator's Resource Guide as a tool to help guide you through the W&W registration process and more.

Utilisez ce Guide de ressources du responsable d’équipe qui vous aidera pour votre inscription Travail et Témoignage et plus encore.

Use este Guiá de recursos completo para o coordenador da equipe como uma ferramenta para guiá-lo através do processo de registro de Trabalho e Testemunho e muito mais.

Use esta Guía Completa de Recursos para el Coordinador del Equipo como una herramienta de ayuda para navegar el proceso de registración de T&T y más.



Team registration can be completed once you have decided on a specific project, dates and project fund with the site coordinator. Once those things are in place ask the site coordinator to send you an online team invitation.

If you have not yet communicated with a site coordinator, go to the projects tab of this website and search for a possible project. Once you have it narrowed down you can click on the link, "Contact Site Coordinator" and begin the above discussion in order to register.


General Forms


Trip Expenditures

Trip Expenditure submissions can now be entered directly on Please use this method.

To find out who has access to this site, contact your district. Click here for instructions on submitting Point-to-Point Requests.

If you are not able to use the method above, use the following form as a last option. Submission through Funding the Mission is preferred. W&W Trip Expenditure Form


Media Resources


Medical Insurance Global

  • Berkley Member Card: PDF
  • Berkley Member Flyer: PDF
  • Berkley International Claim Form: PDF
  • Insurance Guidelines & Information: PDF

For the Volunteers or visitors insurance, please click here.


USA Forms

This insurance is to be used if you are registering a W&W team. If you are registering as a guest, visitor or volunteer, please use the link below.

To view and print a PDF file you may need to install a free version of Acrobat Reader.