Funding the Mission

Want to make a USA church contribution or learn how the Church of the Nazarene funds global ministry? Visit the Funding the Mission plan site.

Ten Percent Mission Specials

In 1905, Leslie F. Gay, a vice president for the first Church of the Nazarene Los Angeles General Missionary Board, championed a resolution encouraging churches to give ten percent of their income toward mission work. In 1949, Nazarene Missions International President Louise Robinson Chapman, in an impassioned speech, challenged Nazarene churches to show their devotion to the mission by meeting the Ten Percent goal. Many individuals and churches committed themselves to this call and still choose to give beyond their tithe by donating to specific ministries that God has placed on their hearts. These Nazarene ministries are called Ten Percent Mission Specials, and there are currently hundreds of them. The Ten Percent Mission Special label indicates that these ministries partner with the Church of the Nazarene to pursue the fulfillment of the mission through valuable ministry efforts.

To learn more about Ten Percent Mission Specials, see the fact sheet


Ten Percent Mission Specials Ministries

The majority of Nazarene ministries are Ten Percent approved, including JESUS Film, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, registered Work and Witness projects, and registered Compassionate Ministry Centers. To be sure the ministry you give toward is approved, you can using the following sites to locate needs you would like to donate toward.

Some ministries not listed above may also be Ten Percent Specials. If you are unsure about the status of a ministry, please email or call us at 800-544-8413 to find out more.

How to Give

If you’d like to give to a Mission Special, there are three ways you can do so.

1. Global Treasury Services

The most common method of giving is electronically through for individuals’ gifts and for USA churches’ gifts. Gifts can also be given by check using an individual or church remittance form. These donations are sent through Global Treasury Services to the ministry of your choice. Church gifts are automatically recorded on and help churches reach their Ten Percent goal. Individuals can choose to give Ten Percent credit to their church during the giving process.

2. Point-to-Point Giving

Point-to-Point is a way for USA churches to record Mission Special donations that go directly to a Ten Percent approved ministry instead of being received by Global Treasury Services. Point-to-Point requests can be submitted by logging in to Approved ministries should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The ministry is an approved USA/Canada Nazarene compassionate ministry center.
  • The ministry is an approved USA/Canada New Church Development.
  • The ministry has been approved by the Ten Percent Committee.

3. Church of the Nazarene Foundation

Individuals and some churches choose to make estate or other gifts through the Nazarene Foundation. The foundation assists in turning any marketable item of value into cash that goes toward the ministry of your choice.