Manuel and Lidia Lima - Brazil SubRegion

Rev. Manuel and Rev. Lydia Lima served in the District of Amazonia Brazil for almost ten years where his assignment was to supervise the opening of new districts in that area. Before this mission, they served as pastors in the state of São Paulo for 24 years. Both Manuel and Lídia grew up in pastoral homes.

They have five children: Rachel is married and has two daughters; Lucas, who is also married and has a daughter. Their young children Peter, Matthew and Caio live with their parents and are always supporting the Lord's ministry.

In 2015, Manuel was appointed national director of the subregion Brazil, and had to move to São Paulo again to better dynamics of work.

Manuel was ordained in 1986 and Lydia was ordained in 2004. They were commissioned as global missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene in 2009.

Children: Raquel (32), Lucas (29), Pedro (18), Mateus (17) and Caio (16).

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Born in Portugal


Born in Brazil

  • Pedro
  • Mateus
  • Caio
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