NPH launches new brand in North America

Indianapolis, Indiana

Beginning in February 2018, Nazarene Publishing House will commence doing business in North America as The Foundry Publishing. The rebranding will allow NPH to expand its market reach in order to impact a broader audience with the Wesleyan-Holiness message, according to CEO Mark D. Brown. Internationally, the Nazarene Publishing House brand will remain in place.

“The primary focus of NPH will always be the Church of the Nazarene,” Brown said. “But just as Saul’s name became Paul in order to evangelize the Gentiles, we also feel some changes are necessary in order to reach beyond our denominational borders.

“Adopting his Roman name was typical of Paul’s missionary style,” he continued. “His method was to put people at ease and to approach them in a language and style they could relate to. Our market research is telling us that it is time for a new brand, one that is rooted in our past but that opens the door to new audiences through a language and style that we hope will be embraced by those beyond our church.”

The Foundry name was chosen because it harkens back to John Wesley’s first chapel, The Foundry Church, established in 1739 in London. The Foundry Church was the cradle of a new holiness theology as Wesley led congregants in a commitment to embrace justice and compassion as central to the gospel of Christ.

“We are leaning into our rich holiness heritage to inform our strategic plan,” Brown said. “We believe ‘The Foundry’ is a powerful metaphor that keeps us anchored in our past and yet propels us into the future.”

Brown describes a future that includes innovative products, a more responsive posture, and more collaboration with partners in ministry.  

“In the midst of change, we will continue to provide the resources Nazarenes depend on weekly for ministry,” Brown said. “We are committed to Sunday school, small groups, children’s ministry, and more.

“We thank God for these days of opportunity,” he said. “Please join us in prayer as we embark on this exciting season of innovation.”

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