Preview of NYI Convention; 9 regional sites worldwide

Indianapolis, Indiana

The 24th Global NYI Convention begins Wednesday, marking 94 years since the formal organization of youth ministry in the Church of the Nazarene. These three days will be an important time of celebration and vision-casting as NYI prepares for an even brighter future.

For the third time in its history, the convention will take place in multiple sites around the world through two-way videoconferencing. NYI delegates in nine 

regional sites will fully participate in the convention, even as they are separated by land and sea across multiple time zones. These regional sites help relieve the challenge that many delegates face obtaining a visa and necessary funds to travel to the U.S. Regional sites enable a greater diversity of delegates to have a voice in convention proceedings.

The nine regional sites for the 2017 convention are:

• Manila, Philippines (Asia-Pacific Region)

• Hyderabad, India (Eurasia Region)

• Johannesburg, South Africa (Africa Region)

• Manchester, England (Eurasia Region)

• Pilar, Argentina (South America Region)

• Sam Boucaud, Trinidad (Mesoamerica Region)

• Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Mesoamerica Region)

• Indianapolis, USA (USA/Canada Region)

• Guatemala City (Mesoamerica Region)

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