Ecuador church bids farewell to Extreme Nazarene Mission team

Ambato, Ecuador

Two years ago, an Extreme Nazarene Mission team arrived in Ambato, Ecuador, to plant a church and raise up local leaders. The team completed its time of service last month, and the new church plant held a special going-away service to celebrate the team's accomplishments.

The service included music, dances, and videos presented by several church leaders and children. The missionary team was also given keepsakes. Service attendees included a pastor from Riobamba and Ecuador Sierra Centro District Superintendent Mario Paredes, who shared words of encouragement.

The Open Door church is now filled with disciples who are not only receiving the message of Jesus Christ, but who are also raising up their own leaders and spreading the gospel to others. These leaders are excited about their new responsibilities.

Mission team members helped the church attain: 

  • A record of 155 service attendees
  • An average of 110 people in Sunday attendance
  • 16 graduated leaders
  • 13 currently in leadership classes
  • 12 Houses of Prayer (cell groups)

The missionary team included Ecuadorians Nikol Calderón and Nancy Ojeda from Riobamba and Ariel Pérez from Shell. The North Americans on the team were Chelsea Weber, C.J. Childs, David Morrison, Brandon Doerksen, and Chris and Anndee Stringer and their two daughters, Juliana and Genna. Pastors Lenilde Huáman Bustamante and Consuelo Bereche de Huáman and their two children will stay in Ambato to lead the church.
--Church of the Nazarene South America Region

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