A Oferta de Alabastro provê fundos para propriedades e prédios ao redor do mundo. Apesar de entendermos que a Igreja consiste de pessoas de Deus e não um prédio, prédios aumentam as capacidades ministeriais e passa uma atitude a qual a Igreja do Nazareno que “criar raízes”.

Os fundos de Alabastro ajudam a providenciar terras para muitos projetos do Work & Witness, e toda a oferta de Alabastro vai para a compra de terras e construção de igrejas, escolas, centros médicos, e casas para missionários e trabalhadores nacionais.

Adotada em 1949, o Fundo de Alabastro ainda é forte, tendo providenciado fundos para mais de 8.800 projetos desde seu começo. Nazarenos fiéis ao redor do mundo já doaram por volta de $100 milhões de dólares para este ministério tão necessário.

Doe agora para investir no Alabastro ou selecione um dos projetos abaixo para informações mais especificas de um projeto Alabastro.

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Jamundi Church

GIVING CODE:  127803

REGION:  South America

About this project: Because Jamundí is near the Department of the Cauca, it is a municipality that suffers from the violence of various armed groups and criminal bands that promote a culture of terrorism and extortion toward families with businesses and independent work. The Church of the Nazarene has worked in this environment for the past 17 years promoting a message of forgiveness, restoration, and hope. Jamundí is a growing city because the city of Cali is extending it's urban area toward the Valley regio...

Bouchrieh, Lebanon New Church Facility

GIVING CODE:  128275

REGION:  Eurasia

About this project: In 2006, the founding church in Sin el Fil asked Ayman Kafrouny and his wife to start helping with a new project in an area where there are no established evangelical churches. This was the first step in what would become a journey to plant a new church in this area. Meeting together as a church in an apartment building, they started exploring the area at night, praying in every street for the Lord to show them a new place for their church. During this time, Pastor Ayman was traveling to Fin...

DRC - Kisangani District Center


REGION:  Africa

About this project: The Pioneer Area of Kisangani is currently awaiting approval to be granted its own status as a phase one district. The Church of the Nazarene was started in the area surrounding Kisangani by refugees fleeing the war in the east during the mid 1990's. Even though the church was started long ago, its remote location and the subsequent wars fought over the area's rich diamond mines have slowed the growth of the Church of the Nazarene. Peace has recently returned to the region during the past 10 ...

Rep of Congo - Pointe Noire Church


REGION:  Africa

About this project: The Republic of Congo, although enjoying an economy and political situation that is much more secure and stable than neighboring DRC, has not had a large investment from the General Church in personnel, finances, or other resources. Until 2017, the Rep of Congo only had six churches in one city. In one year, they have doubled their number of churches and expanded to three new cities....

Alabaster: Bicol District Center


REGION:  Asia-Pacific

About this project: The project will consist of construction of training rooms, living quarter for male and female, toilet and shower room, kitchen/dining facility, library, offices, worship center, recreation area, and district parsonage. Currently, there is an old 2-storey wooden building in the district property that serves as the district parsonage. It is already termite infested and not properly maintained. The DAB agrees to re-purpose the first level to be living quarters for trainees, and one-third of t...