The Board of General Superintendents declared 1 December 2017 as the effective date for the 2017-2021 Manual of the Church of the Nazarene. 

Electronic   PDF   Print - Coming Soon


An electronic version of the 2017-2021 Manual in English is accessible by going directly to its website. A PDF red underlined version is available which identifies new language in the 2017-2021 Manual based on resolutions that were adopted by the 2017 General Assembly. 

Also available:

2017 General Assembly Legislation Resulting in Procedural Changes

Legislación de la Asamblea General 2017 Resultados en los cambios de procedimiento

Legislação da Assembleia Geral 2017 Resultando em Alterações Processuais

2017 세계 총회 입법 절차 변경 결과


The English printed version of the 2017-2021 Manual in book form is available as a sales item from The Foundry Publishing.

Additional translations (electronic and printed) will be posted as they are completed.


Nederlands (Dutch)

2017-2021 Handboek van de Kerk van de Nazarener
Om de online uitgave van het 2017-2021 Handboek van de Kerk van de Nazarener te lezen, klikt u hier.