Nazarene - Archives Family By Church SignIdeally congregational historians do their own research, but this is not always possible. A team of assistants can help by contacting former pastors, conducting interviews, and searching through old newspapers. The historian must direct this activity and will want to keep it fun for the assistants.Curtis Morgan and his family

If assistants are used, then designate times for everyone to meet and evaluate the progress. Make sure the project is not sidetracked onto a tangent. Is there too much material on some areas but too little on others? Be sure to use a variety of sources. Keep in mind that each new discovery should not only give an answer but also rasie a question. Be alert to subtle hints pointing to more information elsewhere. Did the church run a soup kitchem during the depression or participate in a USO program during the World War? Did it participate in a downtown mission? Who was the church secretary when a particular record book disappeared? These and other questions may lead to other sources of historical information for your church.