The South America Region has always had and will continue to have at its core the purpose of transforming lives. This core purpose we call, GracePoint. GracePoint is the place where God and humanity intersect to form a cross that reaches out to save a hopeless world: GracePoints that transform lives, GracePoints that plant churches, which become GracePoints themselves and GracePoints that prepare workers for ministry.

We believe that every local Church of the Nazarene is a GracePoint; a place where a non-believer can come and experience in a real and powerful way this free gift of God's grace. Think of the local church as a “grace portal,” and the local congregation as “grace ambassadors.”

We also believe that every person created by God has a GracePoint. It is a place located in each and every heart that until they have an encounter with God is empty. It is the place in which God wants to share His free gift of grace.


Our Missionaries Serving in South America

Caroline Araujo Paul and Alyssa Clark
Erika Contreras Medina Jon and Shirley Fischer
Tabita and David González Napoleón and Elena Guerrero
David and Ruth Huanca Esdras and Scarlet Jimenez
Jorge and Irma Julca Manuel and Lidia Lima
Lucas and Juliana Nunes Patricia and Germán Picavea
Cristiane and Alessandro Polonio Liliana Radziszewski
Robin and Carlos Radziszewski Dwight and Carolyn Rich
Wilmar and Jessica Rojas Pablo and Viviana Tello
Juan and Mercedes Zani