Porter Encourages Church Multiplication in Africa

Chilenje Church treasurer
presents Dr. and Mrs. Porter
with check for GMC.

Dr. Jerry D. Porter, jurisdictional general superintendent for the Africa Region, visited Zambia, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Benin, and Congo recently for leadership training, ordination rallies, and continued encouragement of church multiplication.

A combined ordination service for the South and Copperbelt districts was held at the Chilenje Church of the Nazarene in Lusaka, Zambia. Dr. Porter ordained two pastors from each district as elders in the Church of the Nazarene. In preaching on the Church Multiplication Movement, he challenged these newly ordained pastors as well as all present to see and respond to the vision that God has for multiplying churches across the Africa Region. With exuberant music, the congregation came forward, singing and dancing in the beautiful Zambian way, and offered their congratulations and support.

The congregation of the host Chilenje Church presented a generous check to Dr. Porter for the new Global Ministry Center in Lenexa, Kansas. On behalf of the congregation, church treasurer Doreen Phiri said, “We as the Chilenje Church of the Nazarene are proud to be associated with the building of the new Global Ministry Center. Through our giving with great joy, we do contribute this amount of ZK 1,000,000” (about $190.00).

Zambia ordinands
Dr. Porter ordained three ministers in a special rally at the Mozambique Nazarene Seminary. These ordination candidates had traveled by bus for two days to arrive in Maputo. A wonderful crowd gathered in solidarity with these leaders from northern Mozambique, including several area district superintendents, Seminary Rector Margarida B. Langa, and Academic Dean David Restrick. This was followed by a day of training for 150 pastors and leaders. Dr. Porter taught and conducted a question-and-answer session, and he was joined by his wife, Toni, in teaching a lesson on prayer followed by a moving concert of prayer.

In Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Nazarenes gathered from the Africa West Field, which represents one-third of the Africa Region’s total population. At the Abidjan Bethlehem Church of the Nazarene, Dr. Porter ordained one elder from the Ivory Coast Central District and eight elders and one deacon from the Ivory Coast South District.

Leaders from the Savano-Sahelien Corridor, a two-nation district of Benin and Togo, joined for a time of teaching and fellowship with Dr. and Mrs. Porter. In less than ten years, this district has grown to more than 8,000 members in almost 500 congregations. They were welcomed in Kô-Koumolou, Benin, by a churchyard full of children with excited, full-volume greetings. A visiting choir from Togo marched into the church building, leading the way for the Porters to follow where they joined with over 300 energetic Nazarenes in attendance. Dr. Porter proceeded to ordain three new elders into the Church of the Nazarene and to preach a message that was translated into French and then into a local tribal language.

A final leadership seminar was held on the Southeast Congo mission area with 50 pastors and an additional 70 lay leaders. “They were eager learners,” said Dr. Porter, “sitting at tables with their notebooks and taking notes” during the teaching and question-and-answer forum. Later one Congolese graduate from Africa Nazarene University was ordained. He will begin pastoring the Brazzaville church.