New Beacon Hill Book Emphasizes Holiness in All Leadership

Holy LeadershipHoly Leadership in a Hectic World has recently been released by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, authored by General Superintendent Nina G. Gunter and Gay Leonard. This book identifies eight principles of leadership based on a clear understanding of biblical holiness, the Spirit-led lifestyle, and servant leadership possible only through the infilling and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

“Everyone is a leader to someone, and almost everyone we know is busy. The question is not how hectic our lives are but how we can be holy leaders in an over-scheduled, hurried world,” said Dr. Gunter. “Secular leadership principles will take us only so far. We must have the daily filling of the Spirit to fulfill the priority of being before doing.”

Dr. Nina Gunter
Marshall Shelley, editor in chief of Leadership Media Group and vice president of Christianity Today International, said of the relevance of Holy Leadership in a Hectic World: “In our day, unfortunately, the word holy is rarely heard positively. For many it’s foreign or irrelevant. Fortunately, Nina Gunter and Gay Leonard bring the concept to life in their book, stretch our imaginations to embrace the holiness that makes us fully human, and guide our leadership in our broken and hectic world.”

Nina Gunter brings a lifetime of leadership to this book. Prior to becoming the first woman in the 100-year history of the Church of the Nazarene to be elected as a general superintendent, for 20 years she served the church as global director of Nazarene Missions International. Gay Leonard is an editorial consultant, author of four books and numerous articles, speaker, and president of Sand Script Corporation, an editorial consulting firm.

Gay Leonard
Dr. Gay Leonard
Holy Leadership in a Hectic World contains not only leadership principles from a Spirit-informed perspective but also helpful word studies and enlightening, illustrative narratives. It is recommended to all leaders who want to model Christlikeness in the best of leadership practices in the workplace, home, school, and church—anywhere followers are searching for holy leaders. The book is available for ordering online through Nazarene Publishing House or by E-mailing