The Work of the Sunday School Superintendent

Duties and powers of the Sunday School superintendent as outlined in the Manual are:

1.  To have executive supervision of all Sunday School ministries in the local church (146.1)

2.  To administer the Sunday School in keeping with the Sunday School Bylaws (146.2)

3.  To promote programs of growth in enrollment, attendance, and leadership training (146.3)

4.  To preside over the regular meetings of the Sunday School Ministries Board, or the Education Committee of the church board, and to lead the Sunday School Ministries Board in performing its duties (146.4)

5.  To submit an annual budget for Sunday School ministries to the church board (146.5)

6.  To make a monthly report to the church board and to submit a written report to the annual church meeting (146.6)

Job Description of the Sunday School superintendent It is important for the Sunday School superintendent to understand his or her role in a growing Sunday School. These responsibilities fit in the following three overarching areas:

1.  Giving leadership to direction of the Sunday School

2.  Planning workers' training events.

3.  Serving as chairperson of the Sunday School Ministries Board.

The Sunday School Superintendent gives leadership to direction of the Sunday School.

The responsibilities of the Sunday School superintendent are:

1.  To give strong leadership to the growth of Sunday School in the local church by working with and through the Sunday School Ministries Board to:

a.  Coordinate a yearlong calendar of activities and programs.

b.  Know what curriculum materials are being used in each Sunday School class.

c.  Plan for the beginning of new Sunday School classes in the local Sunday School.

d.  Conduct regular studies of enrollment and attendance trends of the local church.

e.  Set goals for increases in the Responsibility List (enrollment) and attendance.

f.  Plan for annual growth campaigns to insure that they become effective outreach programs.

g.  Target possible communities nearby that do not have Nazarene Sunday Schools as possible projects of your SSM board.

h.  On the last Sunday of each month, report the Sunday School statistics for the local church to the zone (or district) Sunday School Ministries chair.

2.  To approve, in consultation with the pastor, nominations for the local church age-group councils: children and adult only.

3.  To approve, in consultation with the pastor, all nominations made by the ministry directors of children and adults and the NYI president, for Sunday School teachers, officers, and other ministry personnel.

4.  To appoint, in consultation with the pastor, any other Sunday School ministries workers necessary.

The Sunday School Superintendent plans workers' training events.

1.  To plan workers' training seminars regularly.

2.  To attend and encourage local Sunday School workers to attend training conferences provided by the zone, district, and general church.

3.  To identify and recruit new Sunday School teachers with the spiritual gift of teaching.

4.  To distribute Continuing Lay Training materials designed to assist Sunday School teachers and workers to be more effective.

The Sunday School Superintendent serves as chairperson of the Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries Board

1.  To meet regularly with the pastor to discuss the work of Sunday School ministries and to plan the agenda of each Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries Board meeting.

2.  To chair all regular and special meetings of the Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries Board.

3.  To make budget recommendations for the work of Sunday School & discipleship ministries to the church board.

4.  To see that approved funds are dispensed in accordance with priorities, objectives, and goals.

5.  To lead in the development of a Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries Mission Statement, being sure to review it each year for possible revisions.

6.  To recommend creation, adaptation, or discontinuation of programs as necessary.

7.  To serve on the local church board to represent the interests of Sunday School & discipleship ministries. To present to the board a monthly report on current attendance, Responsibility List totals, and any other special emphases.

8.  To submit a written annual report to the annual church meeting.

Four words that characterize the work of the superintendent:e 1.  Administrate. Superintendents must manage and supervise the details of the work of the Sunday School.

2.  Coordinate. The superintendent's action harmonizes together the work of Sunday School.

3.  Facilitate. As a facilitator the superintendent helps bring about a smoother working relationship and staff.

4.  Motivate. Excitement for the work of God's kingdom through the Sunday School should be transferred from superintendent to staff.

For a complete job description of the local and district Sunday School and discipleship ministry positions, including organizational charts of leadership, see the Sunday School Ministries Handbook, 2005-2009, available from Nazarene Publishing House by clicking here.