Essentials for Local Sunday School Superintendents

The Sunday School superintendent, next to the pastor, is the most important individual in the Sunday School structure of the local church. The following web pages will help local Sunday School superintendents understand their job description, duties to perform, and training available for this position.

Every quarter, the Sunday School superintendent will receive a packet of information in the mail from the SDMI office with a letter from the director, news related to upcoming emphases, and promotional materials.

The following links provide quick references to a number of Sunday School ministry areas: 

SDMI Programs We invite local Sunday School Superintendents to become familiar with the resources, programs, and curriculum offered at the Sunday School & Discipleship International website.

The SDMI Calendar will help Sunday School superintendents plan events throughout the year.

Merchandise and Promotional Items
These products and resources are available to help promote Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International on the local and district levels.

SDMI Resources
This page includes Sunday School awards, offerings, connecting tools, Sunday School logos, merchandise and promotional materials, and Sunday School statistics. 

Sunday School Emphasis
Every fall and spring, a Sunday School emphasis provides the local church with 6 weeks of emphasizing the importance and role of Sunday School.

Adult Ministries
Children's Ministries
Continuing Lay Training
Word Action Publishing