Focus Points SDMI Discipleship Resources
Click here to download the new SDMI video "Will You Be That Someone?"
Click here to download the new SDMI total-ministry brochure.
Click here to download the new SDMI 10 Commandments poster. [French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish]

SDMI Revised By-Laws
Please click here to download the 2009-2013 revised SDMI by-laws

Click here to view a 3-minute video from the Bloomington, Illinois, Discipleship Summit.

American Bible Society Offering
Find resources that promote the ABS Offering on the second Sunday of December.

Our extensive calendars will help inform you of upcoming SDMI local and general events, Sunday School emphases, and announcements.

Connecting Tools
Including Connecting Points, How to Invite Someone to Sunday School, "People I Want to Connect With" Cards, and Promotional Items.

District Convention Welcome Letter
Feel free to download and print this welcome letter for all your district SDMI convention attendees.

District Forms
These are provided to assist with Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International on the district level.

Essentials for Local Sunday School Superintendents
The Sunday School superintendent, next to the pastor, is the most important individual in the Sunday School structure of the local church. The following web pages will help local Sunday School superintendents understand their job description, duties to perform, and training available for this position.

FREE SDMI Resources
View a listing of the free resources available through Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International.

Merchandise and Promotional Items
These products and resources are available to help promote Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International on the local and district levels.

Is Your Church Reaching Out and Growing? We need the Lord to transform our people into an outwardly-focused family, seeking to impact the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Second Mile Award
This award is a special way to recognize those who have gone the second mile, specifically designed for those faithful servants who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to their local church.

SDMI Logos
Includes color and black & white versions for PC and Mac.

SDMI Newsletter
This quarterly newsletter offers informative articles about SDMI promotions, upcoming events, and other matters of importance as they relate to Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries. Click here for the latest edition.

While our ministry is not one of numbers but of people, we do encourage our churches to report monthly statistics. This statistical process serves merely as an accountability tool for us in measuring the effectiveness of our ministry efforts and the impact of our missional calling. Use these resources for Reporting Guidelines and Instructions for District Leadership.

Sunday School Growth Awards
Sunday Schools that are focused on reaching people and teaching them God's Word are most likely the ones that are also showing growth each year. In order to give proper recognition to local churches with growth in both responsibility list (enrollment) and attendance, three levels of awards are available.

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