"21st Century Bible Study for Lifelong Discipleship"

Religious educator Thomas Groome proposes that the purpose of Christian education is to "inform, form, and transform believers in realized faith." His insightful observation reinforces our intention in Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International to create world-class learning resources in the Wesleyan-holiness tradition. We craft lessons to inform the learner about the message of the Bible; about God's creation and his redemptive work in history; about theology, doctrine, and Christian living.

• We also prepare curriculum resources to shape the contours of the human spirit-learning tools to form us in the image of Christ (Philippians 2:5).

• We underscore the incandescent character of our holiness message-the heart-deep conviction that the Holy Spirit will so radically transform human motivation and behavior that the radiance of God's love will be irrepressibly present in the heart of the believer.

• Our disciple-making mandate is to "teach them to obey" everything taught by Jesus (Matthew 28:20). We recognize that faith is more than mental conviction. For followers of Jesus, a realized faith moves beyond intellectual assent and enables the believer to live "not somehow, but triumphantly" in the now, even though the perfect realization of our faith is not yet.

The vital center of the gospel is the call to holy living-a Spirit-empowered life of Christian distinction modeled after Jesus who "emptied himself of all but love" (And Can It Be, Charles Wesley). Nazarene pastors and Sunday school leaders all over the world have a responsibility to preserve and promote that core distinctive of our holiness legacy so that the investments of previous generations are not neglected. The editorial team in SDMI/Curriculum promises to deliver that kind of holiness resource excellence to local Nazarene congregations through the educationally and theologically precise Bible study materials we prepare for publication by WordAction at Nazarene Publishing House.

Rev. Merritt Nielson
Director of Curriculum